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ADAS Systems Engineering Leader
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We are looking for a “ADAS Systems Engineering Leader” who will ensures the convergence of the development and validation of electrical and electronics systems and ECUs in the ADAS perimeter for our customer who is one of the leading international manufacturer of motor vehicles.


  • Between 3 and 5 years experience in the field of Electronics / Electrical Engineering / Automotive
  • Development of EE parts and software knowledge
  • Transversal communication and work
  • Ability to analyze, synthesize and report
  • Proactive attitude (anticipation, risk management)
  • Project supervision and management.
  • Team spirit
  • Experience in Project Management for "
  • IT skills: MS-Windows, MS-Office, Canalyzer
  • Fluent in English


  • Consolidates the development plan of its system & parts for each vehicle project
  • Ensures the follow-up of the evolutions of the system & parts in development or serial life;
  • Manages functional deviation in relation to the technical specification of the system.
  • Manages the development plan of the system and parts to ensure consistency with the development plan
  • Adaptation of the generic project file, by delegation by AMS (Architect Metier System):
  • Adjusts the performance of the system and its components.
  • Adapts functions, interfaces and volumes and seeks to resolve anomalies detected during validations.
  • Follow the system & part validation plan for each vehicle project
  • Coordinates product / process convergence for its system and parts, realizes the documentation of the system/parts applied on various projects;
  • Provides technical support for designers, trainers, logistics, quality analysts, etc. for the good development of their activities and transmits the hard points for managing the risks;
  • Checks the correct application of the system standards to each milestone project and presents the possible derogations to AMS;
  • Ensures the quality objectives of its system and participates in quality analyzes and approaches.
  • Proposes optimizations and improvements of standards and processes following the experience of the development phase.
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Position: ADAS Systems Engineering Leader