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Customer Performance Requirements Pilot – Subjective Evaluation Synthesis
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We are looking for a “Customer Performance Requirements Pilot – Subjective Evaluation Synthesis” for our customer who is one of the leading international manufacturer of motor vehicles.


  • Be a car enthusiast
  • Bachelors degree of Engineering (Mechanical & Automotive engineering) or above
  • Knowledge of the Customer Performances
  • Knowledge of vehicle segments, systems, competitors and customer needs on different markets
  • Acoustic Sensitivity and good level driving skills
  • Eco Driving; Emergency Response Driving; Performance Driving; Precision Driving; Safe Driving knowledge and experience
  • Experience in Vehicle Performance assessment at least 3-4 years is a must
  • Autonomous, open-minded, constructive and curious (vs technical)
  • Ability to adapt to the constraints of the project pace
  • Be constructive with an interest in solution development and push topics
  • English: >B2 Fluent (TOEIC: >750)


  • To contribute to customer satisfaction by monitoring and achieving the target for customer requirements of a project by;

--defining relevant customer performance requirement targets within his technical scope and the scope of his project while taking into account customer expectations and quality results,

--achieving these customer performance requirement targets while respecting schedules, by coordinating and supporting engineering participants involved throughout the project,

--validating requirements and fulfilling regulatory requirements of domains associated with his requirements,

--synthesizing and reporting to the related engineering department and the project

--analyzing complaints related to customer satisfaction (QCS,QFS, etc.) along with the Quality Leader for preparing Customer Satisfaction Committees and in the initiation of solution follow-up.

  • To contribute to the performance of the engineering department using the technical know-how and standards of his profession for the customer requirements and by implementing the performance requirements process to all projects
  • Define the subjective rating of the different performance categories at customer and expert level
  • Identify the subjects outside the standard scope of performances that could generate a particular reaction from customers (dissatisfaction or satisfaction).
  • In the pre-project phase:

--participate to the evaluation of proto vehicles and the definition of performance targets for the new vehicle with the vehicle performance engineer

--Define the required validation plan in accordance with the technical scope of the project

--Prepare the validation planning and related requirements to accomplish on time

  • In the project phase, under the management of the Vehicle Synthesis Engineer:

--Organize the physical and software realignments of the test vehicles to ensure their compliance before evaluation

--Prepare assessment missions (vehicle transport, equipment, etc.)

--Carry out the subjective evaluation of the Vehicle in all conditions of use (temperate, cold, hot, altitude, all types of road, etc ...)

--Detailed reporting for the evaluation missions with every conditions that were encountered during the mission

--Compare the vehicle to its competitors and to the targets of the project.

--Organize the construction of the Vehicle Synthesis opinion for the various project milestones:

- Document in the Performance Contract the subjective rating proposal for customer and expert level

- Report the failures encountered, which must be recorded in the Summary of Customer Defects (SDC) file

- Identify subjects outside the standard framework of performances that could generate a particular reaction from customers (dissatisfaction or satisfaction).

- Do the debriefing of the evaluation with the confirmation of the rating.

--Provide support to the Performance Chief Engineer to debrief the evaluations with the concerned performance leader, and confirm together the points to be worked on, in order to trigger the necessary analyses.

--Organize and manage the convergency committee for the performance problems

--Create and follow the monitoring of every performance related issue on his/her scope or project

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