New Business Opportunities at the Corner with Metaverse

We can express the concept of the metaverse as a technological reality world that offers the opportunity to experience the real and virtual world at the same time. We can list many new professions that will attract attention in the Metaverse digital universe in the near future, some of which we know and some of which we will hear for the first time. We will often hear about digital sales roles where the products of individuals and brands are sold through virtual avatars. Digital detectives, and cyber security experts, who serve both individuals and brands for information storage, processing and security in the digital environment, will be on our agenda for the next generation of roles that protect our legal interests. We can also list roles such as metaverse planner, hardware developer and narrator. Along with the metaverse designer roles, ad-blocking experts with basic coding knowledge, digital fashion designers, and digital finance roles will also take their place.

With the integration of investment tools such as blockchain and NFT into systems, the roles of risk and investment management experts and blockchain expert developers will also come to the fore. It seems that the new professions to emerge with Metaverse will mark new formations in both the education system and career opportunities.