Selection And Placement Services

Finding and placing the right person is a major challenge for companies. The recruitment process is time-consuming, demanding and hiring the wrong person can impact the success of the business. At Hugent, we help companies hire the right people. With our professional selection and placement services, companies can hire specialists, middle and high level managers.

Hugent’s professional selection and placement services aim to provide businesses with the highest quality recruitment services. At Hugent, we use a strategic approach to find the best talent in the industry. Not only do we find the right people, but we also conduct personality tests, assessments and interviews tailored to the needs of companies to ensure they are a good fit for the culture.

Professional selection and placement services save companies time. The recruitment process consists of many stages and is time-consuming. At Hugent, we help companies at every stage of the recruitment process, so they can hire faster. We also offer the option to take over certain stages of the recruitment process so that companies can reduce their burden in the recruitment process.

Our selection and placement consulting services help companies hire specialists, middle and high level managers. At Hugent, we take care to find the best talent in the industry. When companies need specialists, middle and high level managers, Hugent strives to find the best quality talent.

As Hugent, with our professional selection and placement services, we also reduce the costs of companies in the recruitment process. Hiring the wrong person can be a huge cost for companies. As Hugent, we help companies reduce their costs to find the right people.

At Hugent, we offer selection and placement services tailored to the needs of companies with the best experts in the industry. We take care to help companies hire specialists, middle and high level managers. We also help companies speed up the recruitment process and reduce costs. At Hugent, we strive to contribute to the success of businesses.

Contact us to learn more about Hugent’s professional selection and placement services. You can trust us to find the best talent in the industry.

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    “When you start a collaboration with a consulting company, you actually expect them to act as an employee of your company. Introducing your organization professionally to potential candidates in the market is a very important tool for employer brand work. It should be your common goal to offer all candidates a good experience. We observed that we were able to offer this experience in different tasks we performed with HUGENT consultancy. "They are an experienced business partner with whom we enjoy working safely in the recruitment processes."


    “HUGENT is a company that we prefer to work with due to their competent consultants who have a correct understanding of our business dynamics and strong communication skills. We are a successful solution partner that we can easily communicate with when needed thanks to its swift and analytical approach to our urgent needs and analytical attitude in process follow-up."

    Gökçen Aslan Özşar , HR DIRECTOR- BRF / Banvit

    "Hugent provided me impeccable succor with clear communication and information for candidacy at BV Portföy… Professional approach and attitude of Hugent removed conventional misunderstandings and bottlenecks in the process… I am glad I had the chance to interact with them…"

    Aktuğ Alimoğlu , CEO & Board Member - BV Portföy Yönetimi

    “Talent acquisition is always the most critical agenda of companies. In the talent acquisition projects we carry out with HUGENT, the approaches they exhibit in reaching the candidate in the right profile, reporting, and evaluation processes are extremely professional. We would like to thank our valued business partner."

    Onur Ortatepe , HR Manager - Anadolu Isuzu

    “In addition to the approaches that attach importance to cooperation, our business partnership with HUGENT has made a great contribution to the success of our processes by ensuring that we meet the most appropriate candidates in the shortest time with effective business follow-up and communication management by understanding our needs correctly. I would like to thank them for their cooperation, especially considering the sensitivity they show in communication with the candidates."

    Derya TURKAL , HR Manager - KaleKlamp / Kale Bağlantı Teknolojileri

    “HUGENT is a solution partner who knows and understands us as well as we do. We are very happy to have you as our reliable partner in both recruitment and outplacement processes. Convenience, trust, and sustainability are our biggest gains in every process we experience together. Special thanks to the entire team“

    Ülker Kıpçak , HR Manager - BorgWarner

    “I would like to thank HUGENT Company, our business partner in our R&D Recruitment project, for its professional and solution-oriented approaches and successful client relations in the process. They ensured that the process was completed effectively with their experience in the automotive industry and strong network."

    Övgehan İnce , HR Manager - MAN