Mid-Level and Senior Executive Search, Selection and Placement

Each company has different vision and goals. Keeping this in mind, we bring together Middle and Senior Executive candidates who are most suitable for your company’s vision and goals and who are competent to maximize the performance of your company by maintaining this vision. We follow the business world very closely and we benefit from our knowledge and experience about the corporate world in cooperation with our research team during executive assessments. Seeing the whole picture, sector dominance and being able to analyze the candidate correctly are among our characteristics that make a difference as HUGENT in the selection of Middle and Senior Executives.
With our team of certified and specialized Senior Consultants from accredited training programs, we ensure the establishment of strategic collaborations by including our evaluations that will support dimensional and holistic analysis. With all this knowledge, experience and rich candidate portfolio, we meet the Middle and Senior Executive needs of many domestic and foreign business partners in the best way.

İstanbul Office

Fenerbahçe Mh. Fener Kalamış Cd., Tibaş Belvü Sit. No:110 A-2 Blok, D:1 Kadıköy / İstanbul
+90 216 999 36 65

Bursa Office

Fatih Sultan Mehmet Blv. Cumhuriyet Mahallesi Cd. 224 Sit. A Blok No.41/A Nilüfer/Bursa
+90 224 443 30 47

İzmir Office

Çınarlı Mahallesi 1572 Sokak No:33 Konak-İzmir
+90 232 290 03 00

For further information about our services:

    Thanks to our strong communication network and employer brand, we bring together the candidates who best suit your strategic business goals in Specialist, Middle and Senior Management positions with our 3 branches and experienced team. In addition, we enable you to create a more efficient workplace with our Professional HR services specific to your company.
    Güçlü iletişim ağımız ve işveren markamız sayesinde Uzman, Orta ve Üst Düzey yönetici kadrolarında stratejik iş hedeflerinize en uygun adayları 3 şubemiz ve alanında deneyimli kadromuz ile sizlerle buluşturuyoruz. Ayrıca; şirketinize özel Profesyonel İK hizmetlerimiz ile daha verimli bir işyeri oluşturmanızı sağlıyoruz.