Are We Ready for Change?

2020 was a year that brought along extraordinary working discipline and approach models. With the survey we conducted across our 3 branches, we consulted 120 of our clients about the actions taken by their employees to overcome the COVID-19 period and reflect on their changing working methodologies positively, and what innovations they implemented in their recruitment and promotion processes.

1. Stating that they received 91% efficiency from the recruitment interviews carried to the online platform, the authorities stated that they will continue to use these platforms after the pandemic. It is obvious that online interviews save time; however, using this technique we lack many complementary support factors we acquire in face-to-face interviews. Therefore, we, as the HUGENT team, aim to return to our face-to-face interviews after the pandemic.

2. 57% of the organizations offered and supported training and social activity alternatives to their employees so that they could better overcome the process and look positive against the mental consequences of the pandemic on all individuals. These practices designed or purchased by companies for their employees were undoubtedly an indicator of the importance and value they attached to their employees. Nevertheless, the general opinion of the employees was that the office environment they had been deprived of during this period, face-to-face communication with their colleagues, and the effect on their commitment to the workplace could not be replaced in this process where they had to follow their work processes online and for periods exceeding working hours.

3. 2021 seems to be the year of adaptation to the new business order for both companies and employees with the decline of the effects of COVID-19. For some professions and workgroups, it is obvious that remote working will become a permanent order of work, while for others, it will be a face-to-face work environment with different rules and regulations. Therefore, in the employee life cycle that starts with recruitment, companies need to focus more on the effects of that model on the performance of the company, regardless of the working model. Processes from recruitment methods to performance evaluation should be adapted to the new order so that a working environment that is as efficient as before can be ensured. In any case, the truth is that change is inevitable and we all need to prepare according to the new order.