8 Important Developments from the Business World

The needs and focus of the business world, which has undergone much larger-scale changes in recent years compared to previous years, are also evolving. As Hugent, we compiled 8 important titles that attracted our attention in the business world in 2022. These include:

1. Talent Acquisition: Attracting and retaining top talent requires redefining the look of workplaces and offices.

2. Employee Experience: Employees need to feel valued, successful and well.

3. Sustainability & Environment: In addition to the environment and climate, social equality and gender equality are also priority issues for employees.

4. Artificial Intelligence Applications: One of the most basic requirements of keeping up with the digital world today is the adoption of artificial intelligence to increase efficiency, security, and efficiency.

5. Innovative Employment:⁠Traditional employment methods are replaced by innovative and solution-oriented new methods.

6. Cyber Security Measures: Human is the most basic and most important element of cyber security. Therefore, human resources play a key role in the approach to cyber security.

7. Horizontal Hierarchical Structure: The fulfillment of tasks and the sense of responsibility come to the fore, the lines that make up the vertical organizational structure disappear and are replaced by structures with less hierarchy.

8. Employee Mental Health: A proactive approach is adopted by the business world to support the mental health of employees and the psychological fatigue they experience, especially in pandemic conditions.