Is C Level Returning to Turkey with the Pandemic?

COVID-19 has had indisputable effects on our business life. We have learned to push the limits that used to be impossible and shape our decision-making competence and processes by being more mobile, technology-oriented, and lacking one-to-one communication. Nevertheless, the effects of the virus on our wounds and long-term life preferences in our private lives are much more evident. Some senior executives who previously took job opportunities abroad with the aim to improve their financial status and reach career goals, are now considering returning to Turkey due to the emerging pandemic.

In the high-level (C Level) projects we carry out at HUGENT, we observe much more positive, pro-active, and willing audience as we approach the candidates previously moving abroad through local or expatriate contracts or who are currently residing abroad for reasons such as citizenship. Their common focus is the family since it has become much more important to spend time with families and the elders. Due to the risky travels between countries and even the occasional closure of borders to flight traffic depending on the intensity, candidates who could not get together with their families turned their eyes to projects in Turkey in their career goals. Consequently, we received 70% more requests from foreign candidates for high-level roles compared to before, and we realized 30% of the high-level (C Level) projects we placed after the pandemic started with our foreign candidates. We are faced with the fact that the level of role in career changes, the development areas, and the motivation of the wage package has been preceded by the desire to be together with our families and relatives. We hope that all talents in reverse brain drain will find a more suitable working environment in our country.