Let us introduce you OUTPLACEMENT!

If you are wondering “I will quit my job, how can my current employer help me?“, OUTPLACEMENT service, which has gained great popularity and demand in Turkey, is here to guide and provide professional assistance for employees whose employment contracts have been terminated due to reasons such as closing, withdrawal from the market, liquidation of the position or organization, merger, restructuring. Like recruitment, termination of employment is one of the natural processes of professional life. Termination of employment is a process that needs to be carried out very precisely at all levels, both for those who have to leave the organization and for existing employees. OUTPLACEMENT service allows employers to follow this process in a much more professional and positive manner.

OUTPLACEMENT focuses on future career goals by providing the person with awareness about his/her strengths, areas open for development, competencies, and experiences, and also raises awareness about the way the person expresses himself/herself during the interview and the more effective use of the tools he/she will apply for. This service, which the employer receives in relation to the employee he/she has decided to leave, enables a process of leaving by shaking hands with positive traces during the exit process, strengthens the brand of the employer, and has positive effects on other employees. Managing the exit process unprofessionally may cause the employer to lose reputation and performance. In addition, in the talent management cycle, when an employee, who leaves with positive emotions, shares this with his/her environment, this information reaches the talents that the company will hire in the future through word-of-mouth marketing, creating a trustworthy company perception and makes it easier for the company to attract talents. In terms of the employee, it enables him/her to reduce the effects of trauma, create a job search strategy with the pros and cons of his/her current situation, become aware of his/her abilities, and express himself/herself in writing and verbally. According to the studies, one of the factors that affect employee satisfaction the most is the attitude of the employer in the recruitment and exit processes. Therefore, OUTPLACEMENT is one of the most professional ways for employers to show that they still care about their employees, whom they prefer to part ways with.

An employer has a great responsibility, especially in the professional management of this process and in parting ways by shaking hands.