The New Norm in Human Resources: “Agile Approach”

In recent years, the business world has evolved into a complex structure. Issues such as maintaining operational efficiency and renewal capabilities for companies, adapting to digital transformation, sustaining competitive advantage, and acquiring value-added employees have become quite challenging. The concept of “Agile Approach,” a new term, is emerging today as a strong approach preferred by companies aiming to propel themselves into the future.

Agility is defined as an organization’s ability to adapt to new conditions and change direction to create new opportunities.

Especially with the digital transformation on the agenda in recent years, the necessity of being agile in organizations has also emerged. The agile approach is applied in various departments within companies, from IT to Human Resources. Particularly in companies aiming to reach the new generation and focusing on people, this transformation is inevitable.

Agile methods are used to provide rapid and satisfying responses to changing customer needs while also ensuring employee satisfaction by retaining the new generation workforce. With internal approaches making business processes more flexible, efficient, and customer-oriented, the “Agile Approach” principle has become effective in many sectors.

The greatest strength of this approach comes from the “Human Resources” units. Especially in recruitment processes, it is observed that, unlike traditional methods, the model contributes to the faster inclusion of candidates in the process, the more effective evaluation of processes with flexibility and continuous feedback exchange, and the easier optimization of recruitment processes. It ensures that the recruitment process is completed more efficiently, candidate-focused, and faster, allowing for quick adaptation to changing needs through agility. Data showing that companies emphasizing this aspect greatly contribute to individuals’ preference for companies in the recruitment process are increasingly growing.

With this approach, which brings collaboration, harmony, and innovation, we see that it highlights individuals’ loyalty to the organization and selection criteria in recruitment processes. Undoubtedly, the “Agile Recruitment” approach indicates that it will be one of the most implementable and talked-about topics for companies in the coming years.