Why is Selection and Placement Critical?

One of the most critical activities of the HR function is selection and placement.
As a matter of fact, selection and placement should not be limited only to the human resources. We can also say that selection and placement is one of the most critical activities of a company. If you ask why; it is because the selection and placement process is the cause and the beginning of many things. Regardless of the main activity of a company, since it is mostly employees who perform that activity, the output of the main activity is directly related to the extent to which employees are suitable for the work they do. Naturally, placing the right people in the right positions is extremely important for company performance. This becomes an even more critical issue, especially if we are talking about mid-and high-level selection and placement. Furthermore, the recruitment process plays a major role in creating the perception that companies are managed professionally. So, do we really pay the necessary attention to an activity that is so important or do we manage it the way it should be? In our opinion, this is an important question that every manager and human resources professional should ask themselves.

Failure to keep records about the selection and placement process, lack of communication between managers and the human resources department, failure to manage the selection and placement process as a process in which only suitability for work and position is measured independently of people, and problems in providing feedback to candidates can lead to many negative flows and affect the results negatively. The solution is to manage the selection and placement process appropriately and ethically, avoiding the aforementioned problems and opting for successful employees and enthusiastic candidates.