Can Happiness be Postponed?

Today, we can say that there is no longer a distinction between work and private life, especially given that we are accessible at any time thanks to flexible working models and technology after the pandemic. As such, being happy with our job plays a very important role in our happiness in our lives. However, especially considering the economic and social conditions we are going through, there are a lot of employees who are not satisfied with the work they do, the company they work for, the wage they receive, their teammates and/or their manager, who complain and are therefore dissatisfied. Like food, like water, we can postpone the natural needs we need for life for a while. We may not be able to eat every time we get hungry, but sooner or later we will have to find an opportunity to produce the energy necessary to survive and eat something.

So how long can we live without being happy? Being happy, even if it is brief and instantaneous, is actually one of the basic vital needs of human beings. Because, when we are not happy, we release stress hormones, which in fact affect all of our vital systems. Despite, for some reason we postpone being happy the most. We know we’re unhappy, we complain about it, but we act like we don’t have to be happy. We often hesitate to take steps to be happy. We find it most difficult to change things for the sake of our own happiness. We constantly postpone. However, how unfair we are to ourselves and our lives. We can’t survive if we stop eating, but we hope to survive when we stop being happy. But there is only now, so what can we be waiting for before we act when tomorrow doesn’t really exist, and life is much, much shorter than we think it is, no matter how long we live?