Golden Rules for Negotiating Salary

“Teach a man to sell his power of work and mind to the highest bidder, but never to appraise his heart and soul.”
Abraham Lincoln

The advice of former American president Lincoln remains valid today. In our business life, we use our work and mind power for a fee. We need to get the highest efficiency we can at this point for professional satisfaction and life satisfaction. So how should salary negotiations be handled?

You should know the average salary trend. The average salary trend for your position and field will set you average lower and upper limits. You should know your value. You should know your value as an employee and as an individual, and you should transform your experiences and skills, certificates and trainings, and achievements into your own self-worth. You must be prepared for stereotyped questions. You should be prepared for questions like “Why do you think you deserve this salary?” or “Were you receiving a salary at this level in your previous experience?”

Don’t argue, negotiate. Do not fall behind your self-determined values and boundaries. A salary negotiation with a precise and concise attitude, sticking to the essence of the subject, will easily lead you to the salary target you have set.