How should candidates answer the question ‘Can you tell us a little about yourself?’ during the interviews?

An indispensable question of interviews since the very beginning of job interviews is, “Can you tell us a little about yourself?” Although the resume you submit during the application provides information about your career and educational background, it does not include critical details. The HR officer conducting the interview asks you this question so that you can explain yourself, your competencies and your skills and characteristics that you think are suitable for the position you are applying for in the light of the information written on your CV.
When answering this question, you should first explain your career in chronological order, starting from the last educational institution you graduated from. You should convey your success stories, projects and experiences, and link the outputs with figures, added value and goals.
Determining which points you will explain in more detail and which points you will explain more concisely and briefly by preparing in advance, taking notes if possible and acting according to these notes you took during the interview will bring you one step closer to success.